Filmprogramma Between YOU & ME

10-01 t/m 22-02 2020, Koningsplein 11, Tilburg

Het Urban Screen van 5 x 3 meter dat staat voor de dans- en muziekschool het Factorium biedt vanaf april 2010 een geluidloos digitaal platform aan filmmakers en kunstenaars. Elke 6 weken is er een nieuw dynamisch filmprogramma met geselecteerd filmmateriaal. Dat filmmateriaal kan variêren van animatie tot videokunst, van experimenteel tot documentair. De films worden zonder geluid vertoond en dienen dus vooral beeldend te zijn.

De kick-off van de nieuwe filmprogramma’s in 2020 met:

Raquel Vermunt - NEVER EVER RIVER
Traversing the landscape of the Moroccan desert, against the blazing sun. Wind mixed with sand and a search for compressing distance and time. The landscape is a canvas for the experience of seeing with the mechanical eye, the movement of zooming in is attracting the human eye to the middle of the frame.

Ritzyanimation - RED
The dark side of Rudolph: the epic history of Rudolph, from hero to zero, to hero. Red had the world at his hoofs, the most famous and talented reindeer on the sleigh. But fame, money, Does and his playboy lifestyle got the better of him.

Cole Kush - The Cowboymusic video for the song ‘Here comes the cowboy’ by Mac Demarco.
“Perhaps Cole’s mildly disturbing, but undeniably human, music videos find their surreal magic less in the technicality of the medium and more in his singular and unique understanding of the human social condition.” – Scott Parsons

Chris Cousins - Dark Age 2.0
UK CG artist Chris Cousins examines questions of cultural ownership and commodity in the digital age by imagining a museum of the future where access to art of all kinds is strictly controlled.

Alessandro Novelli - The Guardian
Interpretation of the parable "Before the Law" from Kafka's "The Trial". A peasant after traveling the world arrives in front of a gate, controlled by a Guardian. The Guardian denies him entrance. The peasant and guardian are the same character: the peasant, like each one of us, in front of his own fear; the guardian, something shapeless surrounding him.

En verder animaties van; Jeremy Warder, Blu en Marion Favier.

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